4 Major Types Of Exhibition Sytems For Your Business

In the modern era, trade shows participation is considered as an essential factor for the success of the business. If you are not indulged in trade show participation, then probably you are missing out on a huge section of your potential customers. If you are not doing this, then start it right now.

Search for the upcoming expo, book your space and pick the right exhibition stand. Various types of exhibition stands are available in the market, such as modular exhibition stand system, custom display system, portable trade booth, banner exhibition stand. But here, in the post we are going to discuss the types of exhibition stands for your businesses.

Types Of Exhibition Stand

1. Pop Up Trade Booth

These types of exhibition stands are widely popular among exhibitors because they are small in size, simple in construction, easy to install and dismantle. Moreover, a pop-up trade booth is a cost-efficient solution.

In pop-up stands, you can easily integrate eye-catching graphics in a collapsible frame. The biggest advantage of pop-up trade booths is that they are portable. That means you can easily carry these booths from one place to another.

If you have a limited budget and also booked a small space on the trade show floor, then this type of exhibition stand can help to fulfil your needs on a tight budget. This type of exhibition stand is good for start-ups as they have less budget, and they want to create a significant impact.

2. Shell Scheme Trade Booth

The Shell Scheme exhibition stand is another favourite display system among exhibitors. This trade booth is made up of poles and panels as well. This exhibition stand can be installed and dismantled easily and quickly.

These trade booths are available in various styles and sizes. Moreover, these exhibition stands can give you plenty of space on the wall. You can utilize this space efficiently and gather people’s attention.

If you do not have a big team or you are going to attend the trade booth aline, then these types of exhibition stand are easily manageable. It is so because this stand is lightweight and easy to install. It is good for those exhibitors who do not want to spend on transportation.

3. Modular Exhibition System

A modular trade booth is widely popular among companies. This type of exhibition stand is more advanced than a pop-up trade booth. These flexible modular exhibition stands are easy to set-up as compare to pop-up display systems.

It is possible to create a different size modular exhibition stand. Also, you can customize the size of your booth as per the available space on the trade show floor.

There are various benefits of modular exhibition stands. It is versatile, cost-efficient, and easy to customize display system. You can easily design the modules the way you like and add modern lighting fixtures to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Also, you can integrate colorful graphic displays and large digital screens. This way, you can make your trade booth more appealing and unique among competitors on the trade show floor.

Most of the business owners are using this type of display system while participating in an exhibition. The biggest advantage of the Modular exhibition stands is that it can be used again and again.

4. Custom Exhibition Stand

If you want to have a bespoke exhibition stand and you have a good budget, the custom-built exhibition stand is the perfect choice for you. These types of display systems are capable of creating a buzz at your trade booth during the exhibition.

If you regularly exhibit, then this may be the best solution for your business. You can integrate the aspects of various other types of the exhibition stand and create a new display system that is unique and outstanding. If you want to beat your competitors, then a custom exhibition stand can help you.

The custom exhibition stand is bespoke and a perfect solution for any business. All you have to do is hire the right exhibition stand builder who can construct an exhibition display system the way you want. Custom exhibition stands can link your business values and display them through their design.

Final Words

To attend a trade show, the exhibition stand plays an imperative role to achieve all the main objectives. There are different types of exhibition stand like modular exhibition system, custom trade booth and many more with different shapes and styles. But, you have to pick the right one as per your requirement and budget constraints.

Exhibitions are important for all types of businesses. It is one of the perfect methods to boost your business presence among potential customers. You can earn a huge profit and get more leads to your business by participating in an expo.

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