FHA Loan Requirements

Know about the Lesser-Discussed Things about FHA Loan Requirements in Texas

With approximately $1.3 trillion in the profile, the Federal Housing Authority is now the biggest insurer in the U.S. It is a part of the Housing and Urban Development and popular among people with low credit. Credit score carries out a huge role for the new homeowners in this market. If it is too low, you cannot apply for a conventional loan. However, FHA loans accept people’s application even if they have a minimum of 500 scores left. Additionally, this type of loan has a low down payment and relaxed underwriting standards. It is pretty easy to guess why popularity is growing in the current days. 

The FHA loan aims at attracting the new homebuyers, but it is not applicable for the second-time buyers. Also, the users need to find a property that they are going to make their primary residence. The loans can’t get a vacation home or a rental home. There are other FHA loan requirements Texas that everyone does not know about. To learn more about the requirements, read the rest of the article here. 

Information on the Basic Requirements 

FHA-approved mortgages are only available for the multi-family and single-family homes in Texas. The authority has marked its path to be the biggest insurer of home loans all over the world. So, take a look at the following basic requirements, 

  • Debt-to-income ratio is less than 43%. 
  • Customer needs to have stable income and employment proof. 
  • A credit score between 500 and 579 asks for 10% down payment. 
  • The credit score of more than 580 asks for 3.5% down payment. 
  • A mortgage insurance premium is needed. 

If you have not saved much in the previous years, FHA loan can be a good option. If the borrower has faced foreclosures and bankruptcies, the person can qualify for this home mortgage. 

For Refinancing an On-Going FHA Mortgage 

When a person leaves home and then rents it out, the loan still stays on the shoulder. At this time, the interest rate goes down, and the homeowner tries to refinance it. If the person is no longer in the home, the regulations let him/her refinance the loan into another insured by FHA. This becomes FHA streamline refinance. Now, you need to follow a set of rules to get qualified, 

  • At least 6 months of monthly payments made on the FHA-backed mortgage. 
  • At least 210 days went by after closing the first mortgage. 
  • It should cut down interest payment, and it is considered as a net tangible benefit. When your monthly payment was $1,100, the new amount will be around $1,050. A net tangible profit becomes a reality again when the refinancing is done with a short term. 

FHA loan still comes with special considerations to rent the home and earn from it. If the home is too small for the family and you need a second home, you can rent the first one. Or, if you are unemployed, you can earn from the rental house to compensate for wages. When several questions are buzzing your mind regarding the loan requirements, you should ask the professionals.

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