10 reasons why law is one of the most popular academic disciplines

Almost all the founding fathers of modern India including Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Patel and Rajendra Prasad amongst others, were layers. Most of the world leaders from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama studied Law. Law is one of the oldest and the most popular academic disciplines until today.

Some people think Law as a discipline which is only confined to the courtrooms, but the truth is it affects all the aspects of society. By the time law students graduate, they inevitably get a comprehensive understanding of our community. Therefore, they are capable of handling essential roles in various professions. Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed to be university brings in 10 benefits you must know before you plan your career as a lawyer.

1.You will master analytical skills, strong reasoning and critical thinking

Legal studies engage the students in analyzing different sides of complex situations or problems. Students are expected to drive solutions to such complexities and, which ultimately lead to the development of their strong mental abilities.

2. Improved communication skills and adaptability towards different career transitions

Pursuing Law inevitably improves the ability to argue based on logic and evidence, otherwise difficult for non-law students. Continuous participation of students in such activities enhances their communication skills. Due to their developed problem-solving approach, lawyers adapt well to various situations, including career transitions.

3. Boosted self-confidence

Law graduates have an empowering experience. They often engage in group activities such as discussions and debates on several topics. Such an environment automatically nurtures self-confidence.

4. Awareness of rights and duties

If you are unaware of your rights and duties, then you are prohibiting yourself from becoming the best out of you. Legal studies include not only the knowledge about them but also the reasoning behind their existence.

5. The strength of making a difference

If you have the will to improve the system along with a strong sense of justice, then legal studies are the perfect option for you. They will not only educate you to take a step forward towards your goal but will also qualify you to advance progressively in this direction with authority.

6. Strong foundation for further/combined studies

After you are done with your law studies, you can combine it with your other academic fields such as management, business, or accountancy. Faculty at Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed to be university believes that all of this will give a potential of becoming a leader beyond measure if it is done correctly.

7. Multiple career options

Other than being a lawyer, you can enter other fields such as academia, commerce, and industry, media, and Law, social work, politics, etc. Law studies can navigate you anywhere you want to go.

8. Financial stability

Although it may not guarantee immediate success, Law will give you job security and a better salary as compared to other disciplines.

9.Respect and prestige

The job is not easy, but those who stick to the ideals of Law – upholding justice and truth mostly deserve respect. Lawyers are generally successful in every field, and many of them end up becoming world leaders.

10. An intellectual challenge

Obtaining a law degree will not be easy. There are set high standards, and students are expected to perform exceptionally good. Studying Law is demanding and an intellectual challenge. If you enjoy working hard and are willing to take challenges, then this discipline is for you.

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