8 Tips for Ghost Book Writers to Follow While Taking a Client

Working as a ghostwriter might not be that difficult if you have a good knowledge of ghostwriting and you possess excellent writing skills, but it could also become a nightmare if the clients start to create problems for the ghostwriters. It is crucial that the ghostwriters must have complete knowledge about the clients and must have a through meeting with them to judge them whether their project must be taken or not.

Discussed below are some of the critical points that are must for the ghostwriters to get cleared with the clients before agreeing upon taking their project. It is highly essential that you should memorize these tips and do not forget to clarify the following points if you want to complete your project in peace.

Know Your Client & Their Identity

It is highly to know about your client. They could either be a celebrity or some renowned author looking out to take help with their book. Know all about the client that is important to get their project completed fulfilling the expectations.

Make Sure You Know Why They Need a Book

There could be so many reasons that a person is looking out to get the ghostwriting book services. Many people take the ghostwriting services when they start facing troubles in writing, just like writer’s block. So it is crucial to understand the reason someone has contacted you to take the services from you.

See If They Had Experience of Working With Ghost Writers Before

Knowing that your clients have the experience of working with a ghostwriter before so that you would see the size of the shoes that you have to fill in so that the clients will be pleased with the services that you provide. Also, look out whether they had a pleasant experience with the previous ghostwriter, or was it a bad experience.

Reason They Decide to Hire a New Ghost Writer

It is essential to know why they decide to not to work with their previous ghost writer if they had any. There could be countless reasons. Either the ghostwriter did not satisfy the client with the quality of work, or maybe they are not available at the time, which could be a problem for you as the client might create a problem once their preferred ghostwriter gets available for them.

The genre of the Book They Want You to Write

If your expertise is in writing either one of the types or you can write either fiction or nonfiction material, then it is essential that you should know what kind of book your client wants and see if you are capable of covering the genre.

Ask Them If They Want Any Amount of Research to be Done For Them

Many people expect the ghostwriter to research their book. It is not necessary that the client would ask you to investigate nonfiction book only, but it could also be possible that the client wants the ghostwriter to carry some research for some specific parts of the fiction book to make it sound more exciting and realistic.

Discuss the Deadline With the Clients

It must be in the knowledge of a ghostwriter about the timeframe that they have to keep in mind to complete the project on time. It would be more appropriate to ask about the deadline in the beginning so that you can make the schedule accordingly and divide the tasks in a way that you could accomplish it by the time deadline arrives.

Ask Them If They Have the Sample Contract

It happens many times that the clients already have their agreement ready with themselves that they need the ghostwriter to sign. If your client also has the contract with them, then ask them to show it to you so that you can go through with all the clauses and make sure they are all reasons for you to agree upon. If anything seems disturbing, then clear that point with the client and ask them to alter that if you feel the need to.

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