5 Tips To Get Started In Bodybuilding

5 Tips To Get Started In Bodybuilding

After its boom in the early seventies and since then, thanks to the incredible achievements of Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding is a sport that has attracted the attention of individuals and the press, at times resembling much more popular sports activities. But devoting oneself to competition bodybuilding has, like everything else, advantages and disadvantages.

Bodybuilding, more than a sport, is a lifestyle

Professional sports, however demanding, combine extensive training periods with moments of relaxation in private life.

This is not the case in bodybuilding since you are practically training twenty-four hours: not only the time you spend in the gym lifting weights, which should be quite a lot but the hours that you must necessarily devote to the gym, to meals, to the aerobic activities. A bodybuilder cannot afford carelessness or excesses, at the risk of losing in a few days the hard-earned in weeks. We do not mean by this that you must develop an obsession, but, unlike most sports, you must take care of your body and attend to it at all times.

Get used to the sacrifices

According to the previous section, the professional bodybuilder should devote a large part of his day to training (if possible, train with the method of the splittable), give up tasty meals, with high caloric or fatty content, feed according to a strict diet , sleep no less than eight hours a day, supplement properly, ingest a minimum amount of calories a day distributed in about six intakes, give up the spree and the eaters, and a long etcetera.

All these results, of course, in general well-being, improvements in health and physical appearance, but the sacrifices it entails are considerable. If you are willing to go one step ahead of supplements, you can also check out some great HGH injections like humatrope 72 iu and genotropin 36 iu etc.

There are two ways in bodybuilding: natural and chemical

We will say it simply: in competitive bodybuilding, many athletes choose the shortest path and use supplements that are illegal in many countries, such as steroids.

These chemical compounds can not only bring you headaches from the legal point of view, but their use is associated with a variety of disadvantages: alopecia (hair loss), skin problems, sexuality and libido disorders, increased levels of aggressiveness (what is known as roid rage ), etc. Natural bodybuilding, which rejects the use of steroids, is a slower but healthier and safer path to the same goal: muscle growth. Critics of natural bodybuilding claim that the same and spectacular results are not achieved without the help of chemists, and that if you are going to compete you have no choice but to use them. We oppose two answers: the first one is that there are a lot of bodybuilding tournaments and that in many of them anti-doping controls are carried out to discourage the use of prohibited substances, you choose in which tournaments to compete and in which not. The second answer has to do with your health: is it logical to make so many sacrifices if your health state will eventually get worse? Only you have the answer.

Make your monetary calculations

Bodybuilding is not an extremely popular sport, so prizes in cash and money are nothing spectacular; However, the expenses of the bodybuilder lifestyle are burdensome, whether in supplementation, healthy food, gym membership, personal trainers, etc.

Make the account and see if you are willing to invest a lot to perhaps get, in terms exclusively of money, not too much.

Think about the long term

A professional bodybuilder will experience slight and constant changes for a long time; He will not build a body to be proud of overnight. No less than three to five years are necessary to reach a competition phase, depending on your genetic potential and your dedication. It is a considerable time, but it is worth a try. Do not forget that the longest path begins with a step.

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