Tips To Proactively Manage Asthma Symptoms

If you have been diagnosed with asthma, you may find its attack disrupting your work and any activity that you are doing as it interferes with your breathing.

This disease involves the lungs and can indeed lead to difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath. In dealing with asthma, one needs to seek medical attention as leaving them uncontrolled may put your life at risk.

Although there is no cure for asthma, and you can’t outgrow asthma, there are ways to help you in dealing with this disease and may alleviate the symptoms.

A new environment, for example, may temporarily put your asthma inactive but it may also reappear after several years.

Although without a cure, you can find ways in dealing with asthma, to help lessen and prevent the symptoms from worsening. Here are a few of them that you might find useful.

1. Submit yourself for a check-up

Of course, the earlier that you are diagnosed with asthma, the earlier you can control it. Controlling it at its earlier stage will help a lot in being able to manage its symptoms and lessen asthma attacks that can be life-threatening as well.

2. Stop The Entry Of Allergens

Another tip to proactively prevent an asthma attack is to try to avoid the allergens that trigger it. For many people, dust is a big trigger for an asthma attack.

As a result, to be proactive in preventing asthma, it is required that your home be dust-free as possible, by regular cleaning. If you are not able to clean, consider hiring someone to do the job for you.

You should also invest in air conditioning Sydney. It helps in maintaining good indoor air quality, thus reduce asthma attacks.

3. Specific Exercise Practise

You may also choose to do some regular exercise that will help improve your health. Sports that do not result in too much exertion may also be good forms of exercises like swimming.

Aside from that, you also have to reduce stress in effectively dealing with asthma, as this is also one of the most common triggers of asthma attacks.

4. Quit smoking

Smoking does more bad than good to your body. If you want to lessen your asthma attacks, make your airways and lungs healthy, and not weaken it more with the bad effects of smoking.

Therefore, it is essential to practice a proactive approach, to be certain your asthma does not flare up again. This will help in leading a normal or close to a healthy life as possible.

5. Medication

Although you can avail of medications to get relief from the symptoms of an asthma attack, it is common knowledge, however, that you might also get some side effects of these medications.

There may also be herbal remedies that are used to treat symptoms of asthma, but you have to resort to herbal remedies with care so you can avoid having other risks to your health.

If your doctor has prescribed medication for you, it is in your best interest to take this medication regularly, as guided by your doctor.

No one likes to take medication, especially if it has to be done continuously, but forgetting to take your medication, or deliberately not taking it, puts you are a risk of an asthma attack.

6. Try Ancient Practices

Among them is the ancient practice of acupuncture which also improves blood circulation in the body and promotes proper relaxation.

Other relaxation techniques such as visualization and other means to reduce stress are also said to be great to improve breathing and manage the symptoms of asthma.

7. Change Your Lifestyle

Some lifestyle changes also help you to control your asthma attacks. Strengthening your immune system by adding more and more fruits and vegetables to your diet can help in building your body’s line of defence for diseases, including asthma.

Being proactive about dealing with asthma can save your life. Many tips can be used to prevent an attack, and it is beneficial to follow these suggestions.

8. Identify your triggers

Pollution in the air, dust, moulds, and other allergens indoors and outdoors can be triggers of your asthma. Although you can’t avoid the air you breathe outside, you can, however, help yourself by strengthening your immune system.

Always make your home dust and mould-free too by installing ducted aircon Sydney. It will help in maintaining optimum humidity level and also reduce dust and dirt particles.

9. Monitor your asthma attacks

It helps to have a journal about your asthma attacks, and list down the triggers, the symptoms and the treatment you have had. This helps a lot in being able to manage your asthma symptoms.


Many people who suffer from asthma, look for proactive ways in which they can manage this disease, and stop it from ruining their lives – literally. There are numerous ways, and some of them are mentioned above.

Implement these tips and ensure that an asthma attack does not happen to them again. To proactively control your asthma, is to ways to reduce an attack from ever occurring.

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