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Essential SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Rank #1 in 2019

Google has a habit of changing the website ranking factors for SERP(search engine results pages) every year. It usually sets a new major factor every year just like in 2014, HTTPS became a major ranking signal. Again in 2015, mobile usability became another factor to become a number 1 rank holder in SERP. In 2016 content development became a new factor for ranking as Google’s RankBrain came into the market.

Similar to all these factors, now in 2019 Mobile Page Speed or optimization of your web page experience on mobile as well as desktop looks another major factor for a good rank. A good SEO expert in India would focus on the overall user experience on your website by becoming a user himself, what would he look after will be how fast is he getting his results onto screen how fast the content is showing up to him.

Quality of your content is a major factor for attracting traffic on your website, your website should attract organic traffic so that the ranking in SERP increase at a good rate. SEO experts focus on the same issue, they keep a track on how good the content is, how much optimization is required for your page to deliver a good user experience.

Some of the major and universal SEO ranking factors are as follows :

  • Your content should be of high quality so that the readers are satisfied and are organic for your website.
  • Your website should be a mobile-friendly website, in other words, your website should keep a check over a better user experience on mobile. The interface, speed of loading contents, placements of advertisements etc. are some of the things on which the user experience of any website depends on.

The mobile phone is one major device people use nowadays so better make it the important factor ming all other.

  • Create a secure website that is HTTPS. That increases the chances of surfing your webpage.
  • Mastering your own page optimization is another important factor for SEO experts in order to jump high in SEO ranking.
  • The architecture of the web page leads to a basic attraction point for surfers. SEO experts look after the architecture section more deeply as it gives the overall face to your website.
  • Keyword research is something that holds your breath when it comes to SEO ranking. The keyword is something that a user puts in the search engine, so it is the base or the foundation of any website because the content is the only thing after which any user looks after. It drives the user to your web page. Hence what is written most times and with more accuracy is important for the websites SEO expert in order to gain a good rank for SERP.

Google is taking the user experience at the next level by increasing competitions for web developers, That is by making different factors valuable every year.

The mobile user experience or optimization of your webpage on mobile level is the most important factor in 2019 for SEO ranking.

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