3 Myths About Rummy in India

3 Myths About Rummy in India

It is the hi-tech era, in which online playing games is a much-favored means of recreation. While hordes of modern games have been marking their presence in the realm, some traditional games have made a fantastic comeback – to be lapped up by the masses. One such conventional gone digital game is Indian Rummy. It has been rising the popularity charts at an unprecedented rate, yet there is a chunk of people who still hold some myths about the rummy game. And the best way to dispense away with misconceptions is to discuss things logically and unveil the truth.

1.    Luck or Skill

It is the most common fallacy about Rummy that it is a luck-based game. However, the reality is that it is majorly a game of skills, for the players need to possess a specific skill-set master the game. The luck factor is limited to card distribution to the players. Here also, credible rummy portals deploy advanced technology such as RNG or Random Number Generator, that ensures electronic card distribution to all the players, thereby ruling out manipulation altogether. Secondly, how you handle and manage your hand to come up with relevant melds in the shortest possible time, i.e., the fewest possible turns, is something that needs keen observation, analysis, meticulous strategizing, and decision-making at every step.

2.    Illegal or Legal

Many individuals believe that playing Rummy for cash is unlawful in the country, but it is yet another myth. The Supreme court of India has given a verdict in favor of web rummy, pronouncing it preponderantly a game of skill. It’s ruling clearly says that playing Rummy online for cash is legal in the country, and it is not an act of gambling, as opposed to a game of chance or luck. So, it is perfectly legal under Indian laws to play Rummy in India – barring the states of Assam, Kerala, Telangana, and Odisha, where the status of the game is dubious.

3.    Waste of Time or Worth It

Rummy is a game, and some belief gaming to be sheer wastage of time and resources. Nonetheless, playing Rummy is rewarding in more ways than one. It not only helps you relax and rejuvenate but also exercises your mind, clears several number concepts, develops spatial intelligence, fosters life skills; and the talented ones can also make money online with their rummy gaming skills. Moreover, you can always fix the time that you spend at a rummy portal and also set your monthly spending limits. Playing online Rummy responsibly can help you garner several advantages. How can it be a wastage of time?

See Through the Lens of Logic – Dispel Myths

One name that stands out among the most preferred indigenous online skill games is that of 13 Card Indian Rummy. The article has brought forth various myths associated with the game and attempted to clear them in the light of logic and facts. The advent of online Rummy has made it not only possible but also very convenient to relish the game anywhere, and at any time. If you are a card lover, who loves to play Rummy, you can now shed all your inhibitions, and take the plunge into the exciting world of web rummy games. Enjoy your favorite rummy games at a credible rummy portal, and have a blast of a time!

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