7 Safe Cities to Settle Down in Louisiana

Louisiana is a happy and safe place to live in the USA. The great people, good schools, top-ranking universities and employment opportunities make it a must-visit destination amongst the travel ex-pats. The state has a unique multi-cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, and rich culture. Residents of La have a strong sense of heritage, which binds them together and make Louisiana one of the safest states to live in the United States. 

If you are looking for safe cities to settle in LA, here is the list. These cities are safe that you can enjoy the nightlife and return safely to your home, let your children play in the park till dark and leave your packages on the porch without the fear of being stolen. 

1. Addis

Addis is the safest city in Louisiana. The little city on the banks of the Mississippi River has a small-town charm and a safe living environment. Addis is a closely-knit neighbourhood with over 5000 residents, who always look after each other. You can choose the city if you are planning to settle down in Louisiana.  

2. Youngsville

Youngsville is famous for its A+ social infrastructure, the highest number of educated people and low crime rate. The small city has a vibrant culture with a mix of American, African and French cultures. Located on the southern end of Lafayette La, the neighbourhood is famous for its five-star restaurants, fun and exciting summer festivals and its vibrant culture. You can rent a flat in Lafayette apartments and visit Youngsville for the weekend fun. 

3. Harahan

Harahan is a small and lively River city on the banks of the Mississippi. The town is located east of New Orleans and is the safest city with nearly zero crime rate. The people in the city are welcoming and are happy to help. 

4. Mandaville

Mandaville is the most sought after city in Louisiana that comes right after New Orleans. The lake city has a vibrant Cajun community. Mandaville offers job opportunities for young professionals and has a good number of educated residents. No doubt, it is one of the safest neighbourhoods to live in LA.

5. Scott

Scott is rated as the best city to live in LA. The lake city in Lafayette Parish has over 800 residents and is famous for its warm hospitality. Scott is a family-friendly city, where the streets are safe. There are a lot of parks and activity centres for families to have fun. Scott has an active community with the vibes of a big city. Lafayette parish is a well-known city and seat of the parish in Louisiana. Scott is a suburb of Lafayette. It is easy to find apartments for rent in Lafayette la or Scott. 

6. Minden

Minden is the cleanest city in Louisiana and is also one of the safest places to live in the state. Located in the upper Northwest region of the country, Minden is known for its family-friendly environment. Minden is in Webster parish and has tons of fun activities for families. 

7. Lafayette

Named after the hero of French and American revolutions, Marquis de lafayette, the city is famous for its hospitality. Lafayette is a popular college city in the United States, also famous for its safe living environment. Lafayette is a vibrant city with a thriving Cajun culture. The Mardi Gras celebrations in the city are rated as the number 1 in LA for families. There is no dearth of luxurious apartments for rent Lafayette LA. You can find spacious apartments with modern amenities in this friendly city.

Louisiana is a safe state to live with family. Of course, there are some risky places in the state, but most parts of the state are family-friendly and have close-knit neighbourhoods. Rent a spacious house in Lafayette apartments or buy a home in Addis, you will not regret your decision of settling down in LA. 

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