How To Discipline Your Child

How To Discipline Your Child Without Being Aggressive Towards Them

While worrying about what their kid will become tomorrow, most people forget what their child is today. They take away from them the spark that distinguishes them from other individuals.

What most people do not understand is that children may not be great listeners, but they are exceptional imitators. Therefore as their guardians, parents should not be harsh with kids. If you want to discipline your child, then there are friendlier ways for doing so.

Why should you avoid being aggressive towards your kid?

Most of the times, parents punish their kids harshly because they think that nothing else seems to work. A hyperactive child may put them through a tolerance test time after time. While feeling like they are at the end of their rope, some parents may react out of anger. However, when they know the consequences of physically punishing their child, after reading this post, they will want to change their ways. The major problem with being rude to your child is that it will do significant psychological damage.  

A few of the psychical issues, which come along with rough punishments, are mentioned as following:

Lack of confidence and self-esteem:

After growing up, most children lose self-esteem and confidence because of traumatic childhood experiences they go through while living with strict parents.

  • Inability to express themselves:

Most kids face difficulties when it comes to expressing themselves after stepping into adulthood because of continually being punished at home. If parents discourage their kids over everything that they do, this is how their kids grow up to be

  • Not being able to define healthy boundaries:

People who have had a toxic relationship with their families often struggle while setting healthy boundaries with other individuals. They cannot say no to their colleagues or friends, fearing that they might be abandoned or hated.

  • Lack of initiative:

Most adults with an abusive childhood background lose the ability to take leading roles. As kids, most of them have had people (mostly parents) make fun of their unrealistic ideas. Some of them have had parents taking control of everything that they do. As a result, these individuals with high potential never step up and limit themselves to specific lines.

How many individuals do we come across regularly who exhibit a few of the mentioned characteristics? There may be countless. This is because in general, the outcome has a neglectable appearance that kids take with them to their adulthood.

For people who want to find a healthy alternative to harsh punishments, mentioned below is a list of all the available options they can choose from:

Take away privileges:

Taking away your child’s favorite toy, video game, children’s book or, TV for a mistake that your child committed can work significantly.

If your kid loves watching a cartoon or if they like kids book illustrations from the book that you took away. They will know what to do to earn the privileges, which have been taken away from them.

  • Interact and teach new skills:

Spend time with your kids, give them books to read, new toys to play with. Take them to that dancing class that they have wanted to go to.

Read books to your kids, let them look at the kids’ book illustrations in those children’s books, and then listen to their creative stories. This will help in encouraging their imagination.

  • Behave properly:

If you want your kids to go to bed early then, you cannot expect them to do so if you stay up until 2 am. Be the role model; your kid will look at you and will try to imitate your behavior. That will solve most of your problems.

  • Ignore some mistakes and give a logical argument for some:

Kids will be kids, and they will want you to pay attention to them. If your child is whining and complaining, then you can ignore their behavior. That is when they will know that this is not the way to speak. Talk to your children. Do not scare them; do not make an imaginary monster that would eat them if they do not do what you say. Something like this could mentally scar them for life. Tell your child when their behavior is not right.

  • Reward and praise good practice:

If your child is behaving correctly, then you should appreciate their behavior and appreciate them. Give them candy or a new toy for not fighting with their sibling or for getting a good grade in the class. Praise your child for being smart and for behaving correctly. So that they learn to differentiate between good and bad behaviors themselves.


When you are rude to a child or when you are punishing them, you are not solving the problem. You are just inducing the element of fear in them. The only thing that a child learns for dealing with that behavior is a way to avoid it. Some kids also become aggressive due to this. That is why you should try working with an alternative method mentioned here. 

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