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How to Look Out When Changing the Car Wheels?

More are more people who are looking to install different wheels on their cars and trucks, and fortunately, there is a large array of choices when choosing the styles and sizes.  But as the number of options increases, confusion is likely about which wheel will fit the wheel on a given vehicle.  Numerous things have to be taken into account when you are selecting the wheels for your vehicle:

First, Find Out the Bolt Pattern

It is the first step to find out whether a particular wheel will fit your car or not.  For instance, if the bolt pattern is of 4X100, then there are four lug holes, and the holes are 100-mm across from the opposing hole. If you want to find out the bolt pattern, you need to count the number of the lug nuts and then measure the distance between the opposing lug nuts with a tape measure.

Then you need to find out the Dimensions of Wheels

Wheel dimensions are measured in diameter and width. The replacement wheels are the same size as the stock should go on without any problem. You can fit a wheel with a large diameter and more width, but there may be clearance issues to tackle. If you are fitting, larger diameter wheels, you will have to install a lower profile tires to keep the outer dimension of the wheel and try to package the same.

Then you need to find the offset of the original wheels. A wheel offset refers to where a wheel sits about the hub.  The offset is determined by where the mounting pad is located about the centerline of the wheel.  In negative offset, the wheel’s mounting pad is on the outside of the centerline and is commonly used on the rear-wheel drives.

If the mounting pad is towards is the inside of the centerline of the wheel and locates the wheel closer to the body. If you use the wheel with incorrect offset, there may be many problems.  If the wheels stick far from the bodywork, the tires may rub on the edge of wheel openings. That wheel which is close to the suspension and brakes, there may be interference in the wheels and the suspension and or brakes.

Which Color Would Be The Best?

It depends a lot on your choice and if you look around you will find that Chevy customs rims are available in the silver color as well.  It is the safest color that you can put on the car. When you go for light colors, they make the wheel look big and clean as well. However, if you go for dark wheels, they will look big and clean. Dark colors make the wheels look small and but they look to be inspired by racing.


If you are looking for Chevy custom rims, then you can also consider used wheels as well if you find that they are not is production anymore or you want to save costs as well.

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