Let’s Discuss Some Pros and Cons Related to Tungsten Rings or Bands

Today the trend in fashion and jewellery, especially when it comes to personal items has changed a lot. Now people are looking for something unique. They need a piece that they can be happy with not just for now but for forever. Gold, platinum and silver rings are quite popular among people. Women have much more collections to choose from.

However, sometimes being unique means no following the tradition. That’s why there is a great demand for tungsten rings, especially the thin tungsten ring. Such rings are the perfect choice for both men and women who take pride in being selective and show off their fashion.  These rings are much better than the traditional rings, but they also have some pros and cons. So, let’s have a look into those factors.

Pros and cons of tungsten wedding band or rings

Pro: Strength and durability

Many people have admired the amazing durability of the tungsten rings. Even if you are buying a black tungsten ring with rose gold inlay, its strength will impress you. Thanks to the super hardness of the metal, the bands are scratch proof. Besides, they will not bend easily as other traditional metals. Another bonus factor is, the shine of the band will not fade away with the time. That means the band will have its lustre for years.

Con: Breakability and brittleness

Even though the bands are hard, they also have their downsides. You all know that the harder the meal is, the more breakable it will be. You can take the example of a gold ring. The gold is a soft metal, but it bends instead of breaking. If you accidentally knock it against any hard surface, the metal will shatter into pieces. It will not bend. Besides, a broken tungsten ring is unrepairable. You can use the rings wherever and whenever you want. But keep this thing in mind.

Pro: Amazingly unique look

Thin tungsten ring’s unique look and design make it different from other traditional rings such as platinum, gold, silver or diamond. The tungsten rings are available in different colours such as silver, white, black and grey. Many people like the masculine, sleek and contemporary look of the metal.

Con: The ring can’t be resized

Another major disadvantage of tungsten band is, they are made from the metal which can’t be resized. If you attempt to resize the metal, it will break the band. So, be careful about the size of the ring while purchasing one.

Pro: The band are much cheaper than other bands

Unlike gold, platinum or diamond bands, black tungsten ring with rose gold inlay is an affordable alternative to others. You can easily find a superior-quality tungsten band at $200. But gold or platinum bands will cost you around $500 to $1500. If you have accidentally broken your ring, buying a new one will not cost you much.

Con: The rings are heavy

As the metal is quite dense, the rings will feel heavier than other traditional rings. However, if you love to wear heavy rings, then such a ring will be a perfect option for you.

Pro: Comes with hypoallergenic properties

If you are using a tungsten ring, then there is no need to worry about any allergic reaction. Some people’s skin is greatly sensitive to other metals like silver, platinum or gold. They can use tungsten ring instead of those rings.

However, the rings are getting more popular as a perfect wedding band material for both men and women. One can use the ring as a wedding ring or as a ring just to show off his/her style. You will never regret in future with such rings.

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