Read This to Make Your E-Bike Go Faster

There are no specific reasons to go fast on an e-bike, you want to reach office on-time, or you may want to taste the wind gushing when you are riding at fast speed.

But before you learn about the tweaks,  you should be well aware of the laws that are there, and it is up to you whether you respect the regulation or not. As a caveat, you should first try to know how fast you can go, or you will end up breaking the law.

Then you should also know that when you travel at fast speeds on the electric bicycle, it can be dangerous. The momentum is high when you are riding at higher speeds, so make sure that you are riding safely. With the use of these tips that you can use safely get a faster e-bike.

Stay charged

The speed of the DC motor, which is there in the e-bikes is entirely voltage-dependent. Higher voltage means higher speeds. Thus, when you keep the battery fully charged, you will inherently travel faster.

It may mean that you might to charge the battery of each trip instead of going on multiple trips with the same charge.  You might need to keep a charger with you to make sure that you are charging the battery many times.

Go for a High Voltage Battery

The motor’s speed is voltage-dependent. It means you need to use a high voltage battery as the fastest way to increase the speed of the battery.

But before you make an upgrade, you need to make sure that the controller can handle the increased voltage. If you change the battery without knowing the voltage rating of the controller, it may cause burn-out to the controller.

You might have to get a new battery meter as the old meter will not read the readings accurately. For fast electric bicycle, these things may be needed.

Change the Motor

Then you might have to use a motor which comes with a higher RPM rating for the specific voltage. Hub motors can be changed easily.  They are designed with multiple motor windings for the different models.

Smoother Tires Work Well at High Speeds

The knobby tires for the mountain bikes are great for grip and are good for bumpy terrain. But they are not suitable for high speed at all. You should choose a tire which is ideal for the street as well as another usage. They will not offer much rolling resistance can increase the speed slightly as well.

You need to keep the tires pumped to reduce the rolling resistance. When you have higher tire pressure, it prevents flats and also helps boost the speed.

Tune the Brakes

If the e-bikes have poorly tuned brakes, it can rob the speed from your e-bike by adding the unnecessary friction. You can try it on own, or hire a mechanic for the same.


Using these tips, you will surely get a fast electric bicycle that will meet your expectations.

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