What do I want in a Logo?

A visual representation and a graphic symbol of an organization. Logos are personalized symbols or letters that represent the name of a company.  The concept of launching a logo design got popular during the last two decades. Therefore, nowadays you will come across each organization whether a trademark or a small industry with its own unique logo mark.

The word logo is derived from an old word name logotype that means visual representation. Keeping a logo plays a significant role in your business. More attractive or creative a logo is, more clients are attracted towards your company. Logo design may be of any organization such as for the name of restaurants or coffee shop, it could be of a clothing brand or any other public service company, etc. having an appropriate logo helps your costumes, clients, and other citizens to recognize your brand with a specific graphic mark.

The logo must be simple and easily associative. Complex logo designs are the source of discomfort for the city as they are unrecognizable. Logo designs must be creative but on the other hand, they must clearly represent the name, purpose or services offered by a particular organization. During this modern era logo design service have become quite popular, there are many graphic designers in the market are providing logo design service. They provide you an opportunity of getting your personalized logo prepared on time.

Types of Logo Designs:

Along with the factors of making a logo design, there are lots of different types and forms of logos. Some of the most famous types are icon, word mark, letter mark, combination mark and emblem.


A symbolic representation of a company’s name. In this form name of a company is not mentioned but there exists a sign which represent services.

Word Mark:

The form of logo designs that involves text and letters into it.

Telemark logo

It is the form of logo design that involves the initial or a prominent letter of a company’s name.


It is the form of logo design that consists of both text and symbolic representation too. But in this form letter or alphabet are enclosed into a specific and unique set of design.

Ways of having an effective logo design:

The variety of ways that describes how an effective logo should look like are as follow:


One of the best ways to predict your logo is to check how simple it is. Simple logos are easily understood and recognized by customers. There are several different logo design services working online, they usually recommend a simple and fine logo.

If the logo contains alphabets or numeric then they must be clearly visual or if it portrays a design or a shape, that must be relevant to your company name or services. There are numerous brand logo designs that are simple, elegant and easily understandable. For instance, the logo design of Samsung clearly represents all the alphabets written into it. People can easily recognize it at their very first sight.


The size of a logo design must be easily adjustable. One should make sure while getting a personalized logo design prepared by a logo design service agency. The scalable logo marks can easily be adjusted anywhere or at any type of screen and page. Whatever the size of your logo is, it is obligatory to be clear and visible.

Considering the interest of audience

While getting a logo mark prepared, it is necessary to consider the audience interest. It can be done by considering the type of audience. For example, if a logo is for a toy brand, then it must be colorful, attractive and eye-catching. Super fantasy logos will automatically develop an urge in children to get a toy. Similarly if a logo is for any phone brand, then it must be simple and elegant in order to seek the buyer’s attention.


The logo design services companies should keep in mind to have a logo that could easily set into the customer’s memory. There are lots of trademark logos that are remembered by the people for more than twenty-five years. The design and quality of such logos are so appealing that whenever they appear, people recognize them in less than a second.


While designing a logo an appropriate color scheme must be kept in mind. The color scheme decides that how appealing a logo is to the customers.  Most of the well-known brand’s logo designs and trademarks contain the color scheme neutral and eye-catching.

Hiring a professional logo designer

While seeking for the logo design it must be kept in mind to have a contract with a specialized logo designer. More professional logo designer will be more appealing a logo will appear.

Most of the time it is observed that brand logo designs are quite attractive as compared to other logos. It is because they prefer skilled and professional logo design services. Due to the enhanced competition of graphic designers, I market and online, you can easily get access to an affordable logo design manufacturers.

Unique and Modern

In order to have an effective logo design, it is obligatory to have unique ideas. The geometry, font, writing style and color scheme must not be similar to an already existing logo. Copying such factors from previously existing logos puts a bad impression over the public.

There are numerous creative and affordable logo designers in the market that it gets hard to decide. In spite of getting a unique design and color scheme, a logo design must be good enough to meet the requirement of the modern era. It must not look old fashioned. The color scheme and design should be chosen appropriately so that it looks timeless in every generation. The logo must be designed in such a way that it never gets old.

These were some of the basic factors of logo design that effects a company’s reputation very strongly. By keeping these factors in mind one can have an effective and most attractive logo design. 

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