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Which Set of Wheels Should You Prefer Steel or Alloy?

Are you planning to buy a new set of wheels for your car? You may have seen drivers spend a lot of money on the alloy wheels for their vehicles. Is there a technical reason or looks that will help you decide? Steel and the alloy are the two most common types of wheels that are used in the cars. But the two differ in the durability, strength, and appearance. Low priced new cars, and many older cars come with factory fitted wheels made of steel. For most cars, steel is the metal of choice. It is cheap and can take different shapes rather quickly. That is why it has been an obvious choice to use for the wheels. However, the wheels that are made from alloys are pretty standard these days. These are stronger and lighter than steel and significantly improve the appearance of the car.  Whether you are shopping for Chevy Silverado wheels or some other, you should know the difference. Now let’s see the details of the two variants:

Now Let’s See Few Things about Alloy Wheels

 You can find a rising trend in the market that is tilted towards alloy wheels. It’s is because of the cosmetic benefits. They have an advantage when it comes to performance as well.

  • Customizable- The alloy wheels can be cast is many different designs. You will have the freedom to give your car a personalized look; it means you will have more chances of trying customizations.
  • Performance- An aluminum and nickel alloy is lighter than the steel and makes for the enhanced performance and better acceleration.  You will surely have more excitement when you drive a car on alloy wheels.
  • Wheel Bending- The alloy wheels tend to bend easier than the steel ones under road impacts and exhibit a tendency to crack if they bend too much. The nickel content in the aluminum decides how brittle or flexible the wheel will be. Brittleness increases with the quantity of nickel. Less quantity of nickel leads to more flexibility. The method in which the wheel is cast also affects the strength of the wheel.
  • Cosmetic- You get an alloy wheel painted, polished, machined or chromed. Different finishes can be treated in different ways.

What about the Steel Wheels?

  • They are heavier than the aluminum. When you put the steel wheels on a car that has alloy wheels, the extra weight dampens the acceleration and the agility.  It may not be good for summer but for winters or when you are driving on the snow, heaviness, and solidity can be a great thing.
  • Steel wheels are durable, and they do not bend easily. It may need a lot of force to bend a steel wheel and it almost impossible to crack them.
  • Steel wheels are limited in size as most of them are made with 16-inches size rims or less.


When you are buying a Chevy Silverado wheels, you need to consider the size and then buy the wheel with desirable material. You will get the results that you always wanted.

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