Why Will You Prefer Playing Deals Rummy?

The online rummy game boasts a nice variety. There is Points Rummy, which is played for points that have a fixed monetary value as per the table and is the most basic version of Indian Rummy. There is Deals Rummy, which is played for a pre-decided number of times, usually two or three. Also, in the bouquet, is Pool Rummy, which is the longest of the three. The question is what makes Deals Rummy a favored choice of online rummy players.

Deals Rummy Vs Points Rummy

In a game of Deals Rummy, the winner is decided according to the number of chips a person wins in each deal. On the other hand, in a Points Rummy game, it is the player with the fewest points at the termination of around, who wins the game. Points Rummy is the fastest variation of the game, but Deals Rummy is far more animated and exciting because players get more time to leverage their talent and more chances to sway the game in their favor.

Merits of Deals Rummy Game

A maximum of 6 players can play the game. It uses one or two standard decks of cards, depending upon the number of players. Additionally, there is a printed joker card per deck, that is included in the game. How does the game commence? It is when the number of deals is agreed upon, following which, each player is allocated a fixed number of chips. The goal is the same – to form relevant combinations of runs and/or sets, in the fewest possible turns to win the game. The player who achieves the objective first of all, gets the chips of the losing rivals as per their score.

  1. 2-Player Deals Rummy – In this format, players cannot drop the game. They have to play till all the deals are played. However, if a player happens to miss three successive turns, s/he will automatically get dropped from the game, with a score equal to the points in hand but capped at a maximum of 80 points.
  2. More than 2 Players – Most rummy portals allow players to opt out of the game if there are more than 2 players. A player can drop by not picking a card upon his/her turn. Dropping on the very first turn is called First Drop, and costs the player 20 points. Any subsequent drop but before some other player declares, is called Middle Drop, and costs the player 40 points. If a player happens to miss 3 successive turns, the player is considered for a Middle Drop.

Merits of Points Rummy

It is the fastest variation of the rummy game and finds favor with beginner rummy players as well as for connoisseurs, both in free rummy and cash rummy sections. Points Rummy too is a game of 2-6 players, uses one deck along with one printed joker for two players, and two decks with two printed jokers for more than two players. What is the aim here? To create valid melds and win the game. The one who manages to reduce one’s point score to zero wins the game. It is played for points, and the points have a pre-decided value in rupees. The winning amount is the sum total of points of all the rival players.

To Conclude

Whichever format you choose, you are sure to have your hands full. Mind-storming entertainment and making money online, both come handy with the thrilling rummy games. Points Rummy can be enjoyed even when you are running short of time. However, if you look forward to comparatively longer duration of fun, and enhancing your rummy skills to make it big in the world of web rummy, Deals rummy is your forte. Play to your heart’s content at a credible rummy website like Rummy Passion, and have a gala time!

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