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3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Immigration Attorney

Every year thousands of people immigrate to Canada and they are able to do so without the help of a Canadian immigration lawyer. But there are many who are denied immigration every year to enter the country.

The reasons are many:

  • Some are not able to provide accurate proof that their marriage is real.
  • Then a few others are barred from the country based on past crimes.
  • A few others could not because an emergency threatens their status.

It is why the Canadian immigration lawyers are so important for the immigrants. They specialize in the process of immigration and are here to help you in unique situations.

But hiring one is a major decision and there are many important things that you need to consider. If you find answers to these questions you will surely be in a better situation:

Question-1: What is the Process of Becoming a Canadian Citizen?

Before you can hire a Canadian immigration lawyer, you should understand what the process for Canadian citizenship is. To become a citizen of Canada, you will have to apply as a permanent resident first. There is a difference between a permanent residency visa and temporary visa.  Permanent residents get their visas with the goal of becoming a citizen.

There are instances when temporary residency holders should contact Canadian immigration lawyers. These include wok-visa issues or problems of student visa. Canadian immigration lawyers can help in all cases.

Once you get the permanent residency of Canada, you will need to stay in the country for at least three years before you can apply for the citizenship. In the country you will fall into one of the three classes:

  • Family
  • Skilled Worker
  • Business

It means you either a family member or your Canadian sponsor or you are working in the country with the work-visa.

Question-2: Who will be involved?

When you are applying for a residency visa, you can sponsor a few of your family members to include:

  • Spouse
  • Child dependent on you within 22 years of age
  • If the child is above 22years of age, he must be dependent on you financially. Or he might not be capable of supporting themselves because of mental or physical condition.

Then you must also know who you will not be able to sponsor. Your parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters, aunt or uncle, nephew or niece and other relatives.

If you have children because of divorce, adoption, or other special circumstances, you will need a Canadian immigration lawyer for help.

Question-3: What’s Your Immigration Status?

Before contacting an immigration lawyer, you should be clear with what your immigrant status is. Do you have the work visa or not? Do you need help to sponsor your family members? When you have answers to these questions, you will be clear about the need for an immigration lawyer.

In the End

Before you hire a Vancouver immigration attorney, you need to check-out the fee and other details.

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