5 Reasons You Need a DUI Lawyer

It is very common to find people getting booked in driving under the influence.  But it is a crime which is taken seriously keeping in mind the dangers of it. It doesn’t matter what your blood-alcohol-content was when you were arrested, but you may face severe consequences as punishment, and you may end up losing your driver’s license as well.

What Are The Limits For BAC?

In most of the states, the legal BAC limit for most of the drivers is 0.08%. The legal limit for minors under the age of 21 is 0.02%, and the legal limit for the commercial drivers is 0.04%. If you are arrested under DUI, you will have ten days to attend the suspension of the driver’s license. If you don’t act within ten days, you may have to face automatic suspension of the driving license. The options you have during this period are:

  • Appeal the suspension of the driver’s license
  • Fight a case for the suspension of the driver’s license

If you have been charged for the first time, then you can get the hardship driver’s license within 10-days of the arrest which is good for a certain period. With this license you can drive to work, school, religious functions and to travel for fulfilling daily life needs. But if you don’t act within this period, you may not be able to obtain the hardship’s license. When you hire the best DUI lawyer in Tampa, he will ensure that you are taking all the steps needed to fight the DUI charge.

The consequence of Driving Under DUI

DUI is considered a misdemeanor for a first and second offense. However, if you are charged with DUI in two instances, the third offense is regarded as a third-degree felony if you commit the same within ten years from the previous DUI conviction. It is why it is best to hire a DUI lawyer.

They can handle complex laws better than you

Anywhere the legal system is involved, and with the help of a DUI attorney, you can easily navigate these laws with ease. A lawyer has studied the law in and out, and he understands the ambiguities which may affect the case.

They have experience of the courtroom

As a layman to court matters, will you be able to handle the court matters? Maybe not! It is why these matters are best left to the DUI lawyers, and it is why you should hire them and should not represent yourself in the DUI case. If you have been charged for drunk driving, then it is in the best interest to hire a lawyer.

Properly fight the charges

The DUI convictions remain permanent on the criminal record and affect your livelihood. When there is no proper evidence the results which are obtained lead to reduced DUI charges. When you hire a DUI lawyer, he will fight your DUI charges and may help you avoid any grave consequences with the proper defense strategy.

Complete the formalities

If you are arrested for driving when you are intoxicated, there is a lot of paperwork which needs to be addressed. If you have an attorney, he will ensure that you have all the right forms and will complete the form for you.

Understand the Science of Drunk Driving

A DUI attorney understands the science of drunk driving, and they can handle these cases with success.

In the End

Driving under DUI is an offense, and you should hire a best DUI lawyer in Tampa.

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