Five Different Types of Rummy Tips

Just started playing rummy? Or are you one of those people who don’t seem to get in enough wins, no matter how much you try? Rummy is a game of Passion and Skill, and the more you practice, the more chances you have of winning. But practice alone won’t do it for you. You must know the right strategies and tricks to win even against the best of players. Just follow the five crucial tips shared here, and you’ll definitely see an improvement in your game.

Set your Priorities Right

You need to place your priorities as soon as you start your game. Your first step should be to sort and arrange your cards by suits. Try to arrange them in alternating colours of suits to easily distinguish your cards. Next, try and make a pure sequence followed by an impure sequence, as these are the lifelines of your game. Make sure to discard the high-value cards as early in the game as possible if they are not making a valid sequence right at the start of your game. 

Observe your Opponent’s Moves

Another important trick to win a game in rummy is to observe our opponents closely. It is better to understand their game so that you don’t accidentally discard cards that they might need to win the game. See what cards your opponent has discarded, what cards they are picking from the discards pile, and whether they are picking cards from the open deck or the closed deck. Observing your opponent closely can also give you a fair idea of their game, thus helping you form better strategies for your own game. 

Know the Importance of Joker Card

The Joker card, especially in rummy is the most important of all. You need to know the appropriate way to use the card to your advantage. For example, using a Joker card with a pure sequence is a total waste; instead, you could use it to make a sequence/set of higher value cards. 

Apply Some Basic Maths Skills

Applying mathematical and analytical skills will not only make the game more interesting for you but also improve your chances of winning. You can calculate the probability of getting a particular card or use different permutations and combinations to make sets/sequences. Start by grouping your cards into valid sets/sequences to accurately determine what cards you would require, and which cards are of absolutely no use to you.

Know when to Drop

The Drop option doesn’t mean that you are running away. Instead, it can prove to be quite valuable if you use it wisely. Dropping the game before making your first move will only cost you 20 points, which is much less than what you’ll lose at the end of the game. You can also drop when the game is still in progress if you are sure you won’t win the game. That way, your loss would be significantly lower.


When you adopt the above-mentioned steps, you’ll definitely notice a good progress in your game. And once you get a winning streak, you’ll start enjoying the game much more, simultaneously giving a boost to your confidence. Rummy also improves your hand-eye coordination and decision-making skills, so if you are good at the game, you automatically enhance your personal traits. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing with these tips today, and become an ace rummy player.

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