What is CCNP?

CCNP means a certified specialist on Cisco Networks; a professional working in the IT sector who has received a Cisco career certificate. Certificate means that a person is qualified to work on Cisco systems and products to an advanced level.

What does CCNP do?

CCNP operates on Cisco networks to solve problems, implement or verify. CCNP may have a specialization, for example, wireless or security. People with CCNP certification can perform various roles, from IT department manager to network engineer.


How to become a CCNP?

Becoming a CCNP requires a complicated career path and dedication of hours (to use the rewards later)! You must pass the ICND1 exam and ICND2 exam. After both colors have turned into bright colors, you must obtain the CCNA Routing and Switching certificate. The fun doesn’t stop there; in the next step, you have to pass the following three exams:

• Route 300-101: implementing Cisco IP routing.

• Switch 300-115: Deploying switched Cisco IP networks.

• 300-135 Tshoot: troubleshooting and maintaining Cisco IP networks.

The latest CCNP route updates

Cisco recently announced that from February 24, 2020, there would be updates to the CCNP training program. In this new program, CCNP Routing and Switching certification will be adapted to the CCNP Enterprise program. At this stage, those who are already working towards CCNP should continue and will continue to receive recognition for the work completed after the changes.

How much does the CCNP exam cost?

You can retake every exam if you don’t pass it (but you have to pay again, so it’s best to avoid it)! In their present form, ICND1 and ICND2 cost USD 125 each. The CCNA exam costs $ 300, as do each of the three following exams (Route, Switch and Tshoot).


CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. By possessing this certificate, the candidate proves that he can manage high-level network solutions. CCNP is a higher certificate that defines your skills as more advanced in the field of networking.

The difference between CCNA and CCNP is that CCNA Certification works to test a person for routing and switching. CCNP also requires a full understanding of LANS and WANS. CCNP is considered a higher-level certificate due to a more thorough examination of network policies.

For CCNP, you must be CCIE or CCNA certified. For CCNA, this prior certification is not required. You will pass four exams to obtain CCNP and two for CCNA. The average salary under CCNP is USD 49,121 per year

How can your company benefit from CCNP rental?

Hiring CCNP will ensure that your company has the best candidates; trained to operate Cisco networks at the highest possible level. CCNPs have specialized knowledge in a wide range of fields, one of which is security. Having the best IT Security experts helping your business provide you with the best level of protection you’ll probably need in our current climate.

Organizations from CCNP have professional experts ready and waiting for both problem solving and WAN and LAN implementation. People with CCNP can provide excellent support and solutions for video, voice, wireless, and security systems.

CCNP employees also have the skills they need in positions such as support engineer or network technician. Their extensive knowledge is of great benefit to any organization. IT staff with the most diverse and advanced skills will help your business grow and develop.

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