How B2C Helps The Travel Start-ups Brim with Optimism for a Better Future

If you are looking for the right tool for your new venture travel business and having a limited budget, I would like to recommend you to consider B2C, which makes travel booking process faster, simpler and convenient for all kinds of clients- whether the corporate or end-customers. When you decide to go online, you allow yourself to extend your market reach and empower your potential clients to enjoy the luxury of the online travel booking facility. B2C travel portal gives the travel agency the ability to offer direct customers the choice of searching and making travel bookings online round the clock. The future of such start-ups is brimming with optimism. The optimism for the steady growth of the business will sustain only with a smart solution on various segments. Proper strategy and the intelligent implementation of technology will bring that steady growth to your business.

B2C booking engine coupled with eye-catching user-friendly designs is being created for the travel companies, who are aiming to increase profitability by offering inventories directly to the customers. Undoubtedly the travel sector is overcrowded, and this raging growth is also a bubble waiting to burst as the giants often overlook start-ups. But if you look at the bright side, there is a silver lining to the dark clouds. It empowers your traveler as their agent as they get access to wholesale pricing usually reserved for only travel agents. It helps travel companies worldwide to increase their profit by avoiding paying commission to travel agents.

When a travel agent decides to go online and invest in the B2C marketplace, he receives the following key capabilities:

  • Flight, hotel, bus, car, cruise and holiday package booking facilities
  • Integration of multiple travel content suppliers through API
  • Secure and reliable online payment gateway
  • Real-time inventory management of flight, bus, car, hotel etc.
  • Dedicated back office system
  • Manage negotiable rates with each supplier on mark-ups, commissions from admin panel
  • Options to set up different mark-up options
  • Multi-language and currency options
  • Live chat and 24*7 customer care facility
  • Registration and membership for customers
  • User-friendly front and back-end platform
  • Secure authentication process

Features of B2C travel portal are:

  • A secure online reservation system
  • Flexible features for hotels, flights, train, bus etc.
  • Multiple payment option
  • Integration of payment gateways for reliable and secured payments
  • Reporting system to help you for further planning
  • Search availability with instant confirmation and generate vouchers or invoice automatically
  • User friendly, fast and informative websites
  • Location based search
  • Complete solution online for B2C comes with flight, hotel, tour packages
  • Agents can reserve multiple bookings of flights or hotels

B2C offers end to end travel technology services with various value-added features that are enough to entice the targeted audience. The main focus is to amplify the realm of the travel business by catering to the diverse requirements of the targeted clients with minimum investment. For this strategy, it is always better to go for the B2C travel market.

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