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How Improved Security Helps you get a Medical Cannabis License in Kansas

The medicinal Cannabis business has been on the uptrend with annual revenue of 10 billion dollars recorded as of 2018. One may be worried about missing out on this lucrative opportunity to cash in big on the harvest. However, there have been bans and restrictions in farming and distribution of the plant in many states across the United States of America. With passage in Amendment 2 in Missouri legalizing medicinal marijuana. The future looks bright for all business-minded people, farmers, and landowners. Though, there is a slight rigid security requirement you can have access to control systems in Kansas City. In this post, we share how you can get a cannabis license in Kansas with improved security.

There are security checks that must be in place at the time when a facility is being inspected for a license to produce medicinal marijuana.

An Alarm System

When you are in the business of handling large sums of money and highly valued products like cannabis and minerals. There are higher risks of intrusion and robberies. You need to ensure the safety of your employees at all costs; an alarm system gives them a head-start under such dire circumstances.

Perimeter Boundaries

Not only will you need to ensure your harvest expectations are achieved. By law, marijuana consumption must be due to a prescription and under surveillance. Perimeter boundaries are a prerequisite in reducing access to the facility. You must surround the whole facility with walls/ fences, barbed and electric wiring.

Access Controls

All-access to the product must be monitored and tracked. You need to restrict access to some areas of the facility in order for you to review the logbook and audit trail in case of any problems. The access control systems kanas city can be deployed through fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, access card, and pin codes.

Video And Aerial Surveillance

Video surveillance gives you real-life feedback on what has been happening within the facility in case of a break-in or other disasters. Cameras help monitor operation processes and discourage theft. There must have guards who conduct physical surveillance and search anything coming in or outside the facility.


It is important that you conduct your own personal research on the soil texture on the prospected land, consider the space, and availability of water. Careful planning allows you to get a true picture of the total capital required so you can approach investors and banks for loans in time. To help you implement and monitor your facility you must search for. Find the best security company that will not only install the monitoring systems but will also be available 24/7.

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