6 Life Lessons You’ll Discover If You Visit Ireland

Ireland is a country filled with stunning sceneries, affectionate people, and don’t forget the whiskey and beer. The country is an exceedingly known tourist destination for a reason: the Atlantic Island that’s home to just six million (each side of the border) has had an astounding global cultural impact, has a profound history and is particularly distinct from an imperious neighbor Britain. You really need to visit the country if you truly want to appreciate it. 

In reality, you can learn only so much from the internet. But we are here to help you with everything we can to try to immerse you right as you are either deciding or preparing to travel to Ireland. Here are some of the most life-changing lessons that you will treasure in your heart if you ever visit Ireland. 


Ireland’s temperature is somehow similar to London’s. However, 6 degrees could feel about 5 more degrees further down when you’re in Ireland. You would distinguish that it’s a different kind of cold. Ireland is certainly and remarkably older. Once you get there, you would learn how to forget the cold and just suck it up there. 

You’ll learn not to quiver when you socialize with people there and your body will voluntarily stop shivering when you’re walking in the streets. Complaining you’re cold over and over again will not do you much. You’ll also appreciate to not underestimate the power of water-resistant puffer jackets, especially if you’re in Ireland! 


If your native country considers small talks to other people as a “cringe”, Ireland is a breath of fresh air since people there are friendly. You may not notice what could start as a calm and composed comment about the chill weather can immediately transform into a conversation about the world. Just a simple chit chat while waiting for the next train can often be the start of a friendship. 

This is the reason why Irish people are known to be one of the friendliest group in the world. You may get friendly smiles from other countries but it’s really different when you’re in Ireland since the place is awesome, fresh, and has a rustic friendly vibe. You won’t feel any awkwardness at all! 


Well, it’s pretty obvious that everybody knows that the drinking culture of Irish people is recognized worldwide for the reason that they can seriously drink. Either you travel to Ireland for drinking binge with other millennials or you visit there with your family; look forward to seeing people be drinking any time of the day. You’ll learn that when it comes to their drinking culture, there’s no such thing as too early or too late. You can have the freedom to drink there and people won’t judge you! You can enjoy your breakfast with Irish coffee, succeeded by some hot whiskey, and followed by a bold beer. 


Kilkenny is a city that sits in the middle of the rich medieval heritage and thriving arts culture in Ireland’s Ancient East. It’s the old part of the city or the Medieval Mile. It extends from St. Canice’s Cathedral to an Anglo-Norman Castle. In-between you’ll find many historic buildings from Abbeys, to Tudor Inn and the solo example of a 17th-century merchant house in Ireland. This will make you embrace history and the importance of having one for any country. 

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Located just across the road from the hotel, Talbot’s Tower is the only surviving defence tower in Kilkenny’s city walls. Built in 1270, it was one of nine towers along the medieval walls. Restored in 2018, you can now sit in the beautiful park area or take a wander inside to see the tower and it's views of Kilkenny Castle, St. Canice's Cathedral and more Open 8am – 8pm daily | Free Admission All tours must be pre-booked at kilkennyareaoffice@kilkennycoco.ie #kilkenny #kilkennycastle #heritage #medieval #tower #ireland #irelandsancienteast #pembrokekilkenny #hotel #boutiquehotel #followyoursoul #itknowstheway #travel #travelgram #instatravel #accommodation #stay #save #bookdirect #tripadvisor

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Well, aside from their excellent drinking culture, Irish people are often generalized for their tricky accents. It’s just really hard to understand them. And this also depends on what region they come from, and their degree of barely perceptible accents ranges from “difficult to understand” to quite “impossible”. This situation will help you to listen well and it can be pretty hard to overcome because it takes a lot of patience. 


Since Irish people are really friendly, most of them are naturally funny. So don’t be shy to make new friends in Ireland because your moments with them will be fantastically memorable and you’ll be laughing all throughout the day. Spend some quality time here in Kilkenny with your friends and family in service of Pembroke Kilkenny.

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