8 Travel Tips To Make Your Couple’s Getaway Even More Romantic

Traveling with your significant other is one of the best ways to rekindle the romance and strengthen your relationship. Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary, making the most out of your honeymoon, or simply traveling together to recharge from the recent stressful events, these travel tips will help you plan the perfect romantic getaway. 

1. Spice up your hotel room

This might be a little cliché, but it still works. Transform a standard hotel room into a romantic suite with the following tips: 

  • Create a warm ambiance with candles – Take your pick from tealight candles, scented candles, or flameless candles to create warmth and change the vibe of the entire hotel room quickly. 
  • Spray a lovely scent – if you didn’t choose scented candles, make sure to spray a little fragrance on the light bulbs. Keep the scent mild.
  • Don’t forget the flowers for the lady – whether it’s bouquet form or put inside the vase, flowers never fail to win a lady’s heart. 
  • Scatter flower petals – a classic gimmick that never fails to impress. Scatter rose petals all over the bed, working its way to the bathroom. Make the floors glow up with tealights. 
  • Set the mood with music – pack travel-sized speakers and create a playlist of music to set the mood. It doesn’t have to be a saxophone or violin solo – put on some music you both enjoy.
  • Decorate a small dining table with sweets and spirits – If your partner has a sweet tooth, her/his eyes would surely spark upon seeing a box of chocolates. Next, place a tray with a bottle of wine or champagne chilling in an ice bucket, and glasses for two. 
  • Pick a room with a view – whether it’s the bustling cityscape or a breathtaking beachfront, waking up to a picturesque view makes your stay more wonderful

You can always ask the hotel staff to help you out or make sure to arrive in your room a couple of hours before your spouse to prepare everything. 

2. Don’t fall for “romantic tourist spots” trap

The truth is, some of the world’s most popular romantic places are not as romantic as they seem in brochures, movies, and ads. The dreamy advertisements of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, for example, surely won’t involve tourists waiting in queue for 45 minutes before paying 12 euros to take a cramped elevator to the top. 

Make the most out of your romantic vacation by avoiding the mobs of visitors, long lines, and high entrance fees. Instead, look for underrated yet equally visually appealing places in the town. Look for local recommendations. Sites like Great Little Place, Tripadvisor, Secret Places, and Like a Local, can give you insider knowledge on the hidden gems and charmingly offbeat places. 

3. Connect to disconnect

Turn off your email notifications. Unplug your gadgets. Keep from updating your social media in real-time. Reserve your phone’s battery life for taking photos of you. Disconnecting from the tech and the stressful realities will bring you closer. 

You can even take it to the next level by lodging at places where you can be one with nature, like this wonderful boutique hotel in Killarney Ireland, overlooking the Killarney National Park. 

4. Go for a self-catered stay

Cahernane House Hotel

Want to have a romantic getaway minus the unnecessary lavish add-ons? Skip expensive hotels and book a self-catered stay. 

Self-catering accommodations, like vacation rentals, apartments, and cottage-style lodging, are perfect for couples who are comfortable with each other. They have kitchens and living areas and are cheaper than hotels, and even BnBs. Cahernane House Hotel in Killarney is my personal favourite.

These types of lodging are romantic because it lets you create a cozy, homey retreat in an unfamiliar destination. Go ahead and cook-up homemade meals with your partner from fresh ingredients you bought from the local market, and make the place feel like home. 

5. Travel to a cold location

Let’s be honest – most couples love visiting the beach and stroll along the shore, with crashing waves and a stunning sunset view. To make yours unique and undoubtedly romantic, head to a place with frigid temperatures. Then, snuggle up in your warm, cozy hotel. 

Staying at a wintry destination is the perfect excuse to experience steamy saunas and jacuzzi, having a crackling fireplace, and sharing hot cocoa before going to bed. The snow-capped mountains and forests and foggy hilltops also offer fun experiences like ice skating, skiing, and hiking. 

6. Take lots of travel pictures

Skip the expensive, mass-produced souvenirs – the best tangible thing you can bring home from your trip is a box of photographs. Take turns taking glamour shots of yourselves. You may also invest in a good tripod and monopod for great travel photos.

7. Try a new activity

While fun activities like riding a roller coaster, horseback riding, and spotting the local wildlife via an ATV ride are everything but romantic, getting out of your comfort zone and trying new activities together as a couple can bring you closer. List down the travel experiences you two haven’t tried before wasting money on an expensive sunset cruise on a yacht. 

8. Plan surprises

Surprises never get old. These can be small gestures, like a tasty breakfast in bed or a sweet love letter, to be read while watching the sun go down. You can also go the extra mile by booking a private beach or hotel rooftop dinner or plan to see the fireworks display after dinner.

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