Videos Safe On YouTube Channel

How To Keep Videos Safe On YouTube Channel

YouTube now become the largest platform for the video because of watch time views. YouTube is troubled to monitor the growing network as 5 billion videos are watched every single day. With such a lot of videos to monitor, YouTube faces a lot of copyright infringement allegations.

So, we will discuss the way to avoid copyright on YouTube for you to not be claimed by others and obtain your channel taken down.

There are many things you need to think about before you get into the different copyright nuances, and that´s what I´ll be talking concerning here, among other things. Click here to know more about YouTube accounts.

Now, without much more hustle, let´s start!

Transform The Content 

  • Ask the owner of the video whether or not you’ll be able to use it on your channel. It will save you from the penalty and be a polite gesture that is appreciated much. This manner, you may get a chance to use a video for non-profit aims, although it’s under copyright. But remember: obtaining permission is not a complete solution, because the owner could change their mind concerning; however, their content is displayed on YouTube.
  • If you visited the event or you bought a copy, in this situation, you will be punished for this. And this case will become stronger if you copied the material of a famous brand. So do not copy from CDs, Commercials, TV programs, shows or concerts.

Take Advantage of Video Editing

  • Zoom in and out will be easy because it might sound if you will zoom in your video clip a bit you will be able not to be claimed by the rightful owner of the original clip as it´s seen as some way of transforming it into a special issue.
  • You can also add some effects, whether that is text, overlays, filters, videos on top of each other, some music to provide the video with a lot of dramatic feels. As long as you create one thing that would be understood in any form or kind as brand new content you´re set.
  • You can speed things up a bit or slow it down (if the independent agency is high enough) to create the clip unidentifiable for the ID matching software system. You’ll be able to do the same thing with your audio clip

However, these are simply a few samples of some things, and many YouTubers do, take them as tips for future videos however do not just zoom in your video, add some effects to that and speed up your audio, get creative with it. The more original your work is that, the fewer possibilities of obtaining caught you´ll have.

Copyrighted Audio Strategies

It is another common problem most newbies have to deal with when obtaining started on YouTube. The truth is that we all would like to be able to use that nice song from our favourites movies, but we can´t. So here are some ways

  • If you want to use your favourites in the video, then create their mashups. It means you have to copy the best parts of videos and edit them and create a new one. But remember; try to make it very short.
  • You can also use music from Youtube audio library, check and find the best track which you can use without paying. SoundCloud and ReverbNation are also the best platforms that provide you with the best music for your video free of cost. Of course, there also are paid sites like Epidemic Sound, which is, by far, the most popular website most YouTubers use to edit their videos and add some nice music in the background.

This is the only way to be fully safe and use YouTube for your business that tries to make complete your videos. Remember that, YouTube is not a giant that is busy with delivering penalties and limits for video creation. It’s wanted to do so by law. So the video service delivers motivation for unique content production.


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